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Standing and moving more is medically proven to strengthen your body and boost your productivity. Feel better today.

Discover the MOVI difference.

Precise ergonomics

Made for every body.

We don't wear shoes that 'almost' fit. That's why MOVI adjusts to the exact height that's best for you and your back. MOVI suits every body, short and tall from 5ft up to 6ft 4”, by raising up to 44cm above your existing desk.

Choose from 24 digital height setting (in 1cm increments) and save your favourite so you can easily switch between sitting and standing. Your body will thank you for being ergonomic, every time.

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As featured in

Arrives fully assembled

Don't move
the furniture.

MOVI sets up onto your existing desk, fully
assembled out of the box. Simply plug into
power and you're ready to get standing.

MOVI is the perfect solution to transform
your workplace with minimum effort and no
furniture removal, installation and refit costs
associated with installing full standing desks.

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Motorised Height Adjustment

Let us do the
heavy lifting.

Don't strain your back using a stand up desk!
Our electric lift is safer than manual systems
and recommended by Occupational Therapists.

MOVI uses a high speed electric motor to lift
up to 20kgs, suitable for two monitors and more,
all at the press of button. No clunky springs,
levers or awkward wind up handles required.

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Designed to suit how you work.

MOVI is just like your existing desk, straight up. Loads more space than any other stand up desk converter, super stable and scratch resistant.

MOVI gives you a spacious 115cm by 70cm workspace area. Whether you’re using two monitors or illustrating by hand, you have plenty of space to work the way you do best, without having to compromise when standing up.

MOVI Power Pad

Make your desk smarter.

The Power Pad on your MOVI Standing Desk has a purpose. It encloses our compact, 18V high-speed electric motor that offers fast and safe lifting, a user interface, USB ports and programmable features.

MOVI’s motor is the choice of internationally recognised brands and is built to last, so you can enjoy peace of mind with a 5 year warranty. Available in black or white.
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Standing Desk in Australia

Standing desks are all the rage – and for good reason. This alternative to traditional desks is healthier and it promotes a more positive, engaging and productive work environment. The moment you try a standing desk, you’ll realise just how much it can do for you.

For too long, standing desks have been out of reach for most people. High prices and complicated setups made them difficult for many individuals and offices to justify purchasing. MOVI changes this.

Your Very Own Standing Upright Desk, Made Easy

This Australian standing desk will change the way you work, and you won’t have to worry about complicated setups or high prices. MOVI is the best standing desk on the market, and you can get your very own right now!

The best part? You don’t need to throw away your current desk.

Install Your MOVI Standing Work Desk Effortlessly

Here’s what makes a MOVI standing desk so special: anyone can set one up.

Of all the standing desks for sale, the MOVI’s smart mechanism is safer and easier to use. Simply attach your new MOVI converter, and you’ll be able to freely adjust the height of your new desk. Easy.

With a choice of white and black accents, and a gorgeous bamboo top, you’ll simply be attaching a new desk surface to your old desk. It looks amazing, and it will be setup in mere seconds. Regular standing desks are becoming obsolete, and MOVI’s innovation is changing this space.

Our Australian Standing Desk Makes Work Feel Great

You don’t have to feel down because you’re working. Your workspace should be a happy, energetic and inspirational place. But sitting down for hours every day isn’t good for your mental, or your physical health. That’s where MOVI comes in.

Research from the University of Leicester and Loughborough University have shown that height-adjustable workstations result in reduced anxiety, back pain, and fatigue. The study also found that it makes you more productive, and in larger office spaces, creates a happier and more engaged environment. That’s huge.

As part of your healthy lifestyle, MOVI can help you reduce the effects of musculoskeletal conditions and improve circulation.

With MOVI, you’re doing your back a favour, and your mind a favour. You’ll work happier and healthier, and all it took was a simple seconds-long installation on your current, traditional desk!

Standing Office Desks - Why Good Ergonomics Matters

Even with a good desk chair, sitting at your desk for hours a day can really take its toll on your back. A standing desk changes that. You won’t be completely static, and you’ll be standing with your back straight. It eliminates the need for lumber support, and instead relies on your natural posture.

This does amazing things for your back. A study from 2018 looked at the impact of patients using sit-stand desks and found that users saw a 50% decrease in lower back pain compared to a control group who used regular desks. Think about it: if you’re not hunched over a desk, you’re not putting pressure on your back muscles and spine. That means less pain, and better posture into old age.

Your health is important, making MOVI an essential piece of kit for anyone who spends hours at a desk every day.

Making Best Use of Your MOVI Standing Desk

Once your MOVI desk is installed, it’s important to use it in the right way. With the handy electronic control panel, you can adjust your desk to any height you like.

When choosing the right height for you, you should consider your posture while working. Stand in a natural position and lift the desk to a height that feels natural. You should ensure that your head is tilted slightly back so that your spine is aligned. Your hips should be facing the desk directly, and your spine should feel straight, and not hunched.

Ensure that you can lay your wrist flat on the desk, so your typing experience isn’t strained, and be sure to keep your elbows a 90-degree angle with the bamboo surface of your MOVI desk. Then, make sure your computer is the right distance away from you – and of course, just below your eye level! That way, you get the health benefits of MOVI, and you’ll be super comfortable!

Oh, and don’t forget to make use of the MOVI’s cool tech features! With built-in USB ports, you can charge your phone from the surface of your brand-new desk, meaning your charging devices will be at the same level as your computer screen and keyboard. The original desk, well below the MOVI’s bamboo surface, can be kept clean and empty.

Our Ergonomic Standing Desks Helps Separate Work and Home Life

Once your MOVI desk is installed and you’ve found the right height for you, all the other benefits will become immediately obvious. You won’t have just had an amazingly easy experience fitting the MOVI to your current desk, and you won’t just have an amazing-looking new desktop…you’ll be happier and more productive!

When you’re standing, your brain is more engaged, you’re not slouching, and you’re focusing on the task at hand. You won’t find yourself drifting off and yawning when your body is psychologically ready to do everything you need to do. Your mood will be lifted, and you’ll be ready for the challenges of your work day.

Not only that, but MOVI helps you mentally separate your working and relaxing time. Much in the same way it is advised to avoid working in your bedroom, it is wise to reserve sitting down comfortable for relaxing time. Your body will learn to associate your new standing work position with focusing and getting work done. You’ll notice the difference within a day!

Buy the Best Standing Desk Online

Buy a standing desk and you’ll be on your way to a whole new work experience. MOVI aims to change the way you work and stay healthy.

Want to be a part of the revolution? Want to know where to buy a standing desk? Well, you can do so right here!

For as little as $849, you can get your very own, luxury desk converter.

With the gorgeous bamboo finish, smart electric mechanism and easy installation instructions, you’ll have transformed the way you work in no time.

Get a standing desk for sale online today and do more. Be happier, be healthier, be more productive, and save money over traditional standing desk options. You know it makes sense!
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MOVI is packed with awesome features
to keep you feeling happy & productive:

  • 2 X USB

At MOVI, we imagine a world
where going to work at a desk
makes you healthier. We even
wrote a book about it!

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