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3 Ways Height-Adjustable Desks Enhance Productivity at Work

A typical office job involves spending the better part of your working hours seated in a chair. This sedentary routine is not only uncomfortable for employees but also makes offices question the role of chairs. After all, research reveals that...
The more you sit, the unhealthier it is for your body

The more you sit, the unhealthier it is for your body

The more you sit, the unhealthier it is for your bodyYou love exercise and thrive with movement, but do you end up feeling tired and physically uncomfortable at the end of your work day?This is a common frustration of many professionals who...
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Why Exercise Doesn’t Counteract Sitting

We hit the gym, or head to a yoga class and consider we’re healthy, getting our exercise in for the day.But is this enough?Studies have shown that when we’re sedentary for long periods at work, we’re at risk of premature death and...
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The goal is to move more in 2019. Here’s why.

Welcome to 2019!  You’ve had a great break with family and friends, you might have overindulged a little but it’s 2019, new year, new you and it’s your time to get back on track. That’s why you’ve signed up for that exercise...
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Are Standing Desks Good For Your Health?

What do Ernest Hemmingway, Leonardo DaVinci and Virginia Woolf all have in common? All 3 figures are said to have worked standing upright- Roughly 45% of Australian workers spend most of their day (6-8 hours) sitting at a desk. For most workers,...
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How bad is sitting? A perspective from SBS Insight

Last night's episode (26th June 2018) of Insight on SBS covered 'How to Exercise'. It was an eye-opener as it specifically went into the facts about sitting and how to avoid the risks of our new-age sedentary lives. So what are the risks? ...
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Time to get moving but what's stopping us?

This blog post could have been titled something like, "We all know it's difficult to break an old habit" but admittedly, changing our behaviour can be the quickest and easiest way to start enjoying the benefits of moving more in the office and reducing...
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Why we love standing!

When we discovered the impact that standing has on our bodies and minds, we were determined to incorporate it regularly into our lives. Do you know that standing and moving during your day increases your longevity and also improves your mood? It’s so...